Weird food preference of Chinese

There is a weird food preference prevailing throughout the history of China. Besides dogs, snakes and other animals, which westerners have criticized bitterly for eating, some organs are also popular in the kitchens of some Chinese. Human placentas, preserved soon after childbirth, are used for both food and medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the female organs could provide nutrients and health benefits for new mothers. The trade in human placentas is banned in China, but the black market is alive and well, with sellers saying they can easily earn 100,000 yuan (US$14,500) a month, according to The Beijing News. More embarrassingly, animal genitals are from time to time in the shopping lists of certain Chinese. The consume of sexual organs is believed to be an expression of reproduction worship.Reportedly, the most famous European who had eaten dog meat was Charlie Chaplin. During a meal in Shanghai in 1936, he was curious about the flavor of the meat and asked his…




“我日你妈的比!” 是她的口头禅。
“我日你妈的三白六十五天!” 是她骂我这个穆斯林家庭出生的人的专用语。
“丧家之犬,惶惶不可终日!” 是她引用来骂我的最有文化的一句话。
除此之外,她还骂我是“洋奴才”、“狗才” ......

吴仪被捧为“铁娘子”,可是德国总理默克尔却因为看见仪的所作所为而称她是“Iron Mary”。这个词绝不是奉承吴仪,因为说她的时候,默克尔是怒目睁眉的。





吴仪冷冷地说"是我瞎了眼!" 陈佩斯不失时机地也扭头对我说"有什么不敢!"



我都笑了,对吴仪说:"可喜可贺,如今见到了真心喜欢你的。" 之后又对陈佩斯说:"隔靴搔痒多难受,你何不脱掉慈母的裤子,把她的屄好好舔舔,说不定以后你飞黄腾达,指日可待了。"











The Chinese Nightmare

Maybe, it is the general belief that one nationality speaks one language, one nationality believes one religion, and one country belongs to one nationality. China is not pleased with its ethnic minorities, especially those who are struggling for independence, either linguistically or politically or economically. There are rather many odds that have happened because of religious, linguistic racial, and territorial conflicts.

In Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a lot of natives from Uygur and Kazak can speak but only Chinese, thinking their own as the rustic.

In Gansu province, some blond Chinese built up strongholds to attract tourists, claiming that their ancestors were legionary soldiers from Rome.

Near Amur River, some Russians living in China dream to marry the local Chinese so that they could have Chinese-looking children.

Across the Chinese mainland, quite a few Muslim descendants are accepting the Chinese lifestyle of drinking alcohol, eating pork and celebrating Chinese fe…

A pair of Chinese slippers

A grandson of my unkle, who once lived with me, amused me with a real story.

His grandpa bought a pair of slippers from the local fair. As soon as he got home, the youngest child in the family took the slippers to try on. Before the naughty boy could step out of the room, the slippers, not only cheap, but also as crisp as biscuits, broke into two under his feet.

Here ends the story. I could not help laughing, and said:"It is truly made in China."

My father's only Russian word

My father has never learned to speak Russian, even though, in his seventies, he still remembers one word, which he encountered during his middle school time. Spectacularly, the word is "перо", meaning "the writing point of a pen", or "nib".

His favorite word is always a laughing stock that I am used to bother him with, whenever he starts to boast about his studies during the 1950's, when the whole of Chinese worked for the liberation of all human beings.

"Why is перо your only word?" I would challenge him.

"I do not know." He would answer embarrassedly.

In 1999, when I met Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in the corridor before my dormitory room in UIBE, I recounted my father's story to him, which amused him too.

"Your father should have learned more." He suggested in English.

Until fairly recently, when I looked through a digital textbook of Russian printed in 1951, I came across the very word "перо". Unexpect…